KittyCoins = pure cuteness.

What is $KITTY?

$KITTY is a simple BEP-20 token living on the Binance Smart Chain as well as a series of NFTs.
It's cute AF and all about a kitty community!
Buy only if you like the coin (this is not a financial advice).

See $KITTY contract on BscScan

Buy KITTIES on PancakeSwap

Current price of KittyCoins



There are exactly 1 billion $KITTY coins.
Half of them are available on PancakeSwap and the other half will be sold and given away to supporters of KittyCoins.

By buying KittyCoins you declare that you do so simply because you like the coins.
We don't give any financial advice regarding anything.
This project was done purely for the love of the kitties. We like kitties.

How to buy $KITTY

It's easy! You just need a Metamask with $BNB or other Binance Smart Chain wallet.

Simply go to PancakeSwap and swap BNB for KITTY!

Is there more to Kitties?

Yes! We also have an NFT collection depicting pixel kitties. Really cute ones!
You can find our NFT kitties chilling at Pixel Kitty Supercar Club.

Follow us on Twitter or talk to us on Discord.

Kitty Roadmap

Current goal: build a vibrant kitty-community on Twitter and Discord.

Next goal: create a series of NFTs.

@created April 2021